Montecristo Cigars are one of the biggest brands in the world of Cuban cigars. The brand was founded in 1935 by ambitious cigar-maker Alonso Menendez. After partnering with Jose ‘Pepe’ Garcia – the duo purchased the factory of H.Upmann Cigars and transferred all production to there. Jose Manuel soon became the factory floor manager and he introduced many of the cigars for sale online that we sell today – including the ever-so-popular Montecristo Especial No.2 Cigar.

‘Montecristo’ means mountain of Christ and comes as inspiration from the novel: The Count of Monte Cristo (written in 1845). The book is based on the story of Dantés, who was framed into imprisonment and decides to seek revenge. It was a favourite for torcedors to listen to whilst they were working away on their masterpieces.

All their tobacco is grown in the famous Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba, with each cigar being completely handmade. The quality of these smokes is top-notch and many would say reaches the bar the Cohiba Cigars has set for cigar brands in today’s market. This brand definitely proves it’s place as one of the most popular that we stock on our Cuban cigar shop!

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